Take off your makeup and save the planet.

Take off your makeup and save the planet.

Facekins reusable make-up remover pads are my latest beauty discovery. I tested a package purchased at the Renegade Craft Fair’s LA event, and my results are below.  Preview: I’m a fan.

Connie Simon*, creator of the product, is an ardent environmentalist. She got tired of throwing away cotton pads she was using with toner and make-up remover, so she did the legwork and created Facekins. 

Available in several sizes, I bought the small squares most like what I use from the drugstore.  Here are my results.

·      Tested with both Neutrogena gentle eye-makeup remover, and to wipe off a cleanser and they work as well if not better than the disposable cotton. 

·      They are incredibly soft, far softer than the commercially available disposable pads.

·      True to the package instructions, they came clean easily when washed in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle.

·      They absorb enough make-up remover to work, but don’t become overly saturated, saving product.

·      Only downside: I wish there were more in a package!

Protect the environment! Invest in some washable Facekins for make-up remover, and toner. You may never throw away another cotton pad! 

*This is not a sponsored post- initial product was bought and paid for by yours truly. Full disclosure: Connie did send me another package after it was posted!  

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